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EVE co-organize the closed-door seminar on the development trend of 5G intelligent smoke detector technology

Mar 10,2021

On March 9, "5G (NB-IoT) closed-door?seminar on development trend of intelligent smoke detector technology?and intelligent smoke detector?industry white paper release", hosted by 5G IoT?Industry Alliance and co-organized by EVE?and other units,?was officially held in Huizhou,?gathering more than 200 industry representatives?to jointly explore the new development and new value of the industry.


As a pioneer of 5G, NB-IoT already has five major application scenarios, one of which is smart fire protection. In smart firefighting, the intelligent?smoke detectors have become the most widely used firefighting equipment. EVE?has been committed to the application of lithium battery technology in the smart fire protection industry?for years.



In this seminar, Dr. Zhao Ruirui, director of Solid Cathode Technology Center of EVE’s Research Institute, delivered a keynote speech on "Intelligent Smoke Detector?Power Solution – Lithium-manganese Dioxide Battery".?Dr. Zhao said that based on the model application analysis of the NB-IoT module, the LORA module and the independent smoke detector, as well as the comparative analysis of various power solutions, the lithium-manganese dioxide battery solution has outstanding advantages. It has high energy density, and is environmental?friendly. At the same time, its voltage matching is high, which can meet the early warning requirements of insufficient capacity. This type of power solution has more than 10 years of application experience on independent smoke detectors?in foreign?countries.

EVE?manufactures?lithium batteries for security based on reliability design, advanced manufacturing technology, all-round testing and standardized management and control. In the application of intelligent smoke detectors,?EVE’s lithium-manganese dioxide?cell has 5?characteristics: 1) high reliability, the service life of some models can reach up to 20 years; 2) high pulse capability of the whole life cycle, suitable for metering and?smoke detector markets; 3) low self-discharge rate, annual self-discharge rate <1%; 4) wide temperature range application, suitable for various environments; 5) Safe, pass IEC, UL, ATEX, etc.

Dr. Zhao shared that after 20 years of development and technology accumulation, EVE has become a comprehensive solution provider for consumer batteries and power batteries. In the field of smart security, EVE’s?lithium-manganese dioxide battery solutions will further promote the development of the intelligent?smoke detector industry.

On March 10th, a delegation of experts from the smoke detector?industry visited EVE’s exhibition hall and automated production lines. EVE’s international and systematic R&D team, automated and informative advanced manufacturing technology and comprehensive solutions?are fully affirmed.



The Internet of Things under 5G will endow fire-fighting intelligence capabilities, allowing the industry to detect fires more accurately and earlier, quickly call the police?and assist in fire-fighting.?The NB-IoT intelligent?smoke detector will become the first defense line for future fire prevention, greatly reducing the occurrence of fires. And EVE will continue to support?the development of the 5G intelligent?smoke detector industry and safeguard?a better life.

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