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EVE’s Cylindrical Production Line Expansion Commissioning Ceremony was Held in Jingmen, Hubei

Jan 19,2021

Today, EVE’s cylindrical production line expansion commissioning ceremony was grandly held in Jingmen, Hubei.

Jingmen Municipal Party Committee Secretary, WANG Qiyang, Mayor, SUN Bing, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, LI Tao, Deputy Mayor, HU Xiaoguo, Secretary of Duodao District Committee, WU Yingbiao, Secretary-General of the Municipal Government, Xie Jixian, and District Mayor of Duodao District, ZHOU Junjie, together with leaders of relevant municipal and district departments, and Dr. LIU Jincheng,?Chairman of EVE and LUO Jinhong, the actual controller of EVE, LIU Jianhua, President of EVE and EVE Power, and other senior executives, important customer representatives, and 5 official mainstream media of the city and district including Hubei Daily and Jingmen Daily, and representatives of the 5 major securities companies attended the ceremony hosted by HU Xiaoguo, deputy mayor of the municipal government.


Dr. LIU Jincheng introduced the brands and products using EVE’s cylindrical cells to WANG Qiyang,?

Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, SUN Bing, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor


Municipal Government Deputy Mayor Hu Xiaoguo presided over the ceremony

Chairman Dr. LIU Jincheng, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, SUN Bing successively delivered speeches, and HUANG Weiyan, Vice President of EVE, introduced the expansion project.


Chairman Dr. LIU Jincheng gave a speech


Vice President of EVE, HUANG Weiyan introduced the project


SUN Bing, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor gave a speech

Municipal Party Committee Secretary WANG Qiyang and other leaders, together with Dr. LIU Jincheng pressed the starting device, noting the expansion of cylindrical production line was officially put into operation.


After the ceremony, the leaders, media, and brokerage representatives on site went to visit the new production line.

Construction speeds up, capacity per unit area doubled

The expansion project of EVE's cylindrical production line in Jingmen only took 5 months, and the effective use of the plant area for scientific planning, doubled the production capacity per unit area, and maximized the economic benefits of limited land.

The production line adopts international advanced production and testing equipment to realize the full-process automatic operation, which is stable and efficient. After commissioning, the annual production capacity will be increased from 2.5GWh to 5GWh, and the annual output can reach 430 million units, which will effectively alleviate the shortage of market and steadily increase EVE’s market share.

High technology, recognized by international first-class customers

With strong R&D strength, advanced manufacturing technology, and reliable product quality, EVE’s cylindrical cells are highly recognized by the global power tool industry, serving the top five power tool brands in the world, and are widely used in fast-developing markets such as electric two-wheelers, garden tools and vacuum cleaners. EVE has become the leading company in China's cylindrical cell market.

High-density investment in 10 years to build a ten-billion enterprise

EVE Power settled in Jingmen in 2012. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EVE. After 8 years of rapid construction, 4 advanced production bases have been formed. The total planned production capacity is 37GWh and the annual sale is expected to exceed 10 billion in 2022.

From 2012 to 2022, from a barren to a 10 billion scale, EVE Power contributes an important force to the economic development of Jingmen with high-quality and high-speed development results.

EVE Power aims to enter the first lineup of power energy storage batteries in the world. By building the core competitiveness through a strong international and systematic R&D team, automated and information-based advanced manufacturing technology and comprehensive solutions, EVE is one of the few in the lithium battery industry to be able to provide comprehensive solutions including prismatic cells, pouch cells, cylindrical cells and power systems. Products are widely used in new energy vehicles, new energy ships, energy storage, power tools, electric two-wheelers and other market areas.

According to the statistics of GGII and CNESA global energy storage database, as of the first half of 2020, in the field of prismatic LFP cells, EVE ranks among the top 3 in commercial vehicle market and top 5 for the application of energy storage; As for pouch NCM cells, EVE has entered the supply chains of Daimler, Hyundai-Kia and other international and domestic first-class auto makers; In the field of prismatic NCM cells, EVE has received designated letter from German BMW Group in October 2020.

EVE Power drives development by technological innovation, and has obtained national projects and recognitions such as the National Development and Reform Commission's "Double Innovation Supporting Platform Project" and "National Green Factory". It has applied for 2,359 national patents with its parent company. The 1,000-person R&D team led by chairman, Dr. LIU Jincheng, is constantly advancing on the road of conquering key lithium battery technologies.

Create jobs and tax more than 100 million

Since its establishment, with the support of the governments of Hubei Province and Jingmen City, EVE Power has actively introduced more than 200 masters and phDs, and created nearly 4,000 jobs. It is expected to contribute more than 100 million yuan in tax revenue in 2020 and will be 700 million yuan after all production capacity is released, contributing to the economic and social development of Jingmen.

With the development of 5G new infrastructure, new energy automobile industry development plans and various new waves of global electrification, EVE Power will usher in a broader and high-quality development, continuously making contribution to human transportation energy issues.

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