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“Golden Belt” technology of EVE’s Bean Cell unveiled at TWS Asia Exhibition

Aug 20,2020

Today, the?TWS?Asia Exhibition officially opened in Kexing Science Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen.

EVE attended the exhibition with its?patented designed?Bean Cell?and a new product-"Pin?Type lithium-ion battery", which can?achieve customers' combined needs for battery capacity and size miniaturization. It?can be further applied to hearing aids, small medical equipment and TWS headsets. Many headphone industry experts?were attracted to the booth?for communication.




“Golden Belt”?patented design

Strong R&D capabilities and complete patent layout enable EVE to occupy an advantageous position in the global lithium battery market.


EVE owns completely?independent intellectual property rights of the Bean Cell. At present, EVE has 93 patents related to the Bean Cell including the patents under application. The unique "Golden Belt" patented design can realize better sealing and higher safety of the Bean Cell.


Fully automated intelligent manufacturing

EVE has?been?always insisting?on using advanced technology and high-precision equipment to create the highest quality lithium battery.

The?Bean Cell?automated production line is based on unmanned operation?and adopts advanced manufacturing, control and?detection?technologies to achieve automation?of the entire process, improve battery reliability and safety, making a manufacturing mode?breakthrough in?lithium-ion battery industry.




So far, EVE has formed a fully automated production capacity of the Bean Cell, and will?further improve the delivery level to meet the rapidly growing needs of the consumer electronics market.

In-depth cooperation with well-known mobile phone brands at home and abroad

Relying on nearly two decades of profound lithium battery technology innovation and accumulation, EVE’s?consumer batteries have been sold all over the world and are widely used in smart wearables, electronic atomizers, power tools, e-scooters and other fields. EVE has become a core lithium battery supplier in the global consumer electronics industry.

With the?self-developed Bean Cell, EVE’s market share in the smart wearable segments such as TWS?has steadily increased.?The?core advantages of "longer duration,?faster charging, and longer battery life" are widely recognized by customers and EVE?has formed a stable cooperative relationship with well-known mobile phone brand customers at home and abroad.

EVE inside has become an identity certification for product quality in the high-end consumer electronics industry. In the future, EVE will continue to innovate and develop "high energy density" and "fast charging" Bean Cell?to realize the use of more application scenarios and help boost the smart wearables industry!

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