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Only 4 days! EVE successfully delivered the first batch of infrared thermometer batteries to combat the epidemic!

Feb 02,2020

On January 31, EVE successfully delivered the first batch of infrared thermometer?batteries to SAT, Guangzhou to fight against the epidemic. The next day on February 1st, SAT received the batteries?and highly affirmed "EVE’s speed"?in the race with the epidemic.

EVE?finished its first batch of batteries in just 4?days.

To fight against the novel coronavirus?epidemic, after noticing?the urgent needs of the SAT for infrared thermometers, EVE immediately made?the production plan, convened employees to return to work during the Spring Festival?based on adequate epidemic prevention and control measures,?concentrated resources?and worked overtime to complete the order.

Since fever is one of the main symptoms of this novel coronavirus infection, effective human body temperature measurement becomes the key to check out novel coronavirus.

Infrared thermometer is the faster device to check body temperature under current situation, and it is an important equipment to win the epidemic prevention and control war.



Figure: Infrared heat map diagram

The infrared thermometer uses a non-contact infrared temperature measurement method?which can quickly measure the body temperature of large-scale moving people. It can complete the body temperature measurement by quickly scanning in crowded places such as airports, train stations, subway stations and hospitals to help security and medical personnel improve the efficiency of epidemic detection and protection, so as to effectively control the epidemic, ensure the safety of regional personnel and build the "first?defense?line" for epidemic prevention and control.

EVE’s?battery drives the infrared thermometer to operate safely and stably, helping to win the epidemic prevention and control battle.

Race against the epidemic?needs faster and faster! In this second-to-second defense battle, EVE?will continue to produce and deliver epidemic prevention and control materials?to?contribute "EVE’s?Power".

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