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Our Vision

To be a top lithium battery enterprise with technical leadership, and to yield creative contribution to lithium battery industry worldwide.


Integrated R&D platform of basic materials, cells, BMS and overall system

To construct safer, more secured, more reliable products with higher performance, EVE developed an integrated R&D platform which implement the linkage of basic materials, cells, BMS and overall system, which integrate software of simulation, intelligent design and project management. EVE has convened a professional R&D team with strong scientific interdisciplinary background of electrochemistry, material science, mechanics, electronics, electricity and computer science.


Renewable Solutions for full coverage of varied application

EVE has the capability of supplying whole chemical system new energy solutions, including lithium-thionyl chloride (ER) battery, lithium-manganese dioxide (CR) battery , lithium-ion battery capacitors (SPC), small consumer lithium-ion battery and EV batteries, to provide powerful support for the new energy era, represented by the Internet of Things and electric vehicles.


R&D team with over 3100+ senior researchers

EVE has convened engineers from all over the world, has cooperated with pioneering academic organizations such as Wuhan University, Stanford University, Israel StoreDot, etc. Our scientific advisory team is from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering and other world’s leading research institutes.


To challenge essential problems of fundamental science and engineering application with global experts

Master’s Degree
Senior Researchers

Deep cooperation with academic universities and research institutes

EVE has a linkage R&D platform from materials, cells, BMS to systems, brings together interdisciplinary comprehensive R&D teams in electrochemistry, materials, machinery, electronics and electrical, simulation, etc., creates a safer, more reliable, and higher-performance full range of products through intelligent research and development of simulation, design, and management software.

National and local joint engineering research center for key technology and materials of lithium battery
Post-doctoral programme
National recognized enterprise technology center
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To be the most creative Lithium battery company, and make outstanding contributions to sustainable development.

Annual R&D  investment
Battery research  centers
Large-scale  laboratories
High-precision instruments
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A fully coverage of core technical routes of lithium battery, dominating and participating innational/industrial standards'setting.

National-level projects of research and technology innovation
Industrial standards’ setting
National patents
Chinese excellent patent awards
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